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debts. So, I guess we are heirs to nothing! Mrs. Wright & Eleanor played bridge with Edith and me at the club this afternoon. They had to leave at five, as they expected a small cousin to spend Sunday with them. Edith and I walked home. Eric came around in the evening.

Sun. Feb. 9th

Sunday School this morning and then Mr. Burnett had a special service for the children at 10:30. We all sat in the gallery, and it was a beautiful service. The children stayed for about half of the service, then during a hymn, they were allowed to go out if they wished, but a large majority stayed through it all. During the sermon, we heard three loud bangs of the church door & into the church; & down the center aisle, stumbled a drunken man. He sat down directly behind Mrs. Ellis(?), & she told me afterwards that she was scared to death. But he made no noise & seemed to know the service, & after church he said he wanted to see the priest. Mr. Cameron escorted him out of church however, and then