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turned him over to Will Biehnap(?). Mrs. Straw(?) was greatly disturbed because the drunken man put a prayer book in his pocket & walked away with it, but Will said the man's pockets were too dirty to try to rescue the book. About four this afternoon Edith and I started out for a walk, & met Cornelia at South Street. She joined us, & we three walked up as far as Jim Ramsdell's(?) & home, stopping in C's on our way home. Eric came around to-night, & we had some music.

Mon. Feb. 10th

I have been hopelessly behind in writing up my journal lately, & some days I have mixed up. This is one of them. I went down to New York on the 10:06 train, & all my funny experiences with Thaddeus Beal, Walter Hall, Mrs. Mapes(?) & Bobbie Stuart, I have written freely in my last journal as if it had happened Dec. 10th, but it really was today, so I won't repeat it. On my arrival in N.Y. I went directly up to 47th street, & found Margaret, & Aunt Jeannie(?) busily making sand-wiches. I offered to help, but they were just finishing. I had so many