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Evelina was also substituting, & she, Joe Greason, Kenneth Faile & I played at our table, & Margaret, Gladys, Mr. Ludlum, & Mr. McGuire at the other. I knew Mr. Greason only slightly, & Mr. Faile I had never met before, but we certainly had fun. Joe Greason simply couldn't lose, and finally it got to be a perfect joke. I think everyone had a good time to-night, and it was a most congenial crowd. I had heard Margaret & Edith discuss Kenneth Faile, & I was prepared for a very queer looking person. But I was very agreeably surprised, & didn't think him a bit homely. In fact I liked him immensely. He looks like a German count.

Tues. Feb. 11th

This morning I went up to the dentist's at 9:30 and had a two hour session with him. I couldn't have stood very much more, and I was most thankful when it was over. When I got back to 47th I found Helen Foos there with Margaret. Aunt Jeannie had invited Mrs. Marsh, Miss Brooks, and Mrs.