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Corlilyou(?) to luncheon to-day, & I felt that I ought not to stay, but they insisted, so I did, and then campe up on the 3:24 train. I was so sick all the way up, & my head ached so, that I felt I never would reach Wmburgh. Mary Howell came up on the train, & told me when we were almost home, that she looked back at me once, thinking she would join me, but I looked so ill, she decided to leave me alone. I was a complete wreck when I got home, & that evening, as Edith had to go to the G.F.S., Father built an opera fire in the parlor, & I lay on the sofa in front of it all evening. Eric came in for a few minutes about nine, ut I was too forlorn to get up, so simply apologized for my laziness. I don't want to go through another session with the dentist in a hurry.

Wed. Feb. 12th

Went up to the Alden this morning to see Aunt Melie(?), who came up to see Aunt Evelina for a few days. They were all busy with embroidery, & Aunt Mel declared that she had come up to Wmburgh just to "sit" & not for any social stints. This being a holiday (Lincoln's Birthday) Eric