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was able to get off this afternoon and he, Edith & I went down to Cornwall to see the Hokes(?) and Mrs. King, who is visiting there. We had a very nice call and Bill Jr. certainly has improved. He is just as cute as can be now. We invited Margaret & Mrs. King to come up to luncheon with us to-morrow, but unfortunately Margaret can't have the baby, so Mrs. King is coming alone. We caught the 5:15 train home, & whem we got home found the Alden trio already here. They were coming down to dinner, & had arrived just shortly before we came in. An open fire felt very welcome to-night.

Thurs. Feb 13th

Went in Cousin Helen's early this morning. Mrs. Ellis came in also, very soon after. Later, went down town, & then came home, & did a few little extra lunches, before Mrs. King arrived about one. Edith went down to meet her, & I waited to receive her here. We had both felt that this would be rather a hard party to swing, but we found we had crossed our bridge for nothing, for we really had a