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very jolly little party. Father had hopt to go to Albany to-day on business which really made it a lot easier for me. I think Mrs. King was awfully sorry not to meet Father. Mrs. King was here until about half past four, & then went over to see Eric, & his new (?). Aunt Melie came down at 4:30 for about half an hour, and then she went up to Cornelia's, & E & I went to church. To-night Edith went up to see Helen for a little while & then went on up to Olive's(?) for bridge. Eric & Mrs. Morse came to call to-night, & I don't think I have ever felt so (?) in my life. I couldn't think of our new subject, & I was mighty thankful when it was time for them to go.

Fri. Feb. 14th

Went up to the Alden to see the trio for half an hour then Edith & I went skating up on Polly. We had phoned Effie Whitehill that we were going, so we found her up there when we arrived. The imperative was ideal for skating but never did I feel so wobbly. I have scarcely skated at all in five years, & my ankle almost refused to support me. So I skated around the pond several times, but I was very uncertain, & got awfully tired. I was ready to give up in an hour, & it was good I did, for I felt