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far from well all afternoon but simply had to make an effort to go to our bridge club this afternoon as I know Mildred would have a hard time getting a substitute at the last moment. I never should have made the effort however, for in the evening I felt perfectly forlorn & had to be up, because Eric came over.

Sat. Feb. 15th

I stayed in bed all day. Edith went out this morning to do her marketing, and this afternoon, as she had promised to play bridge at the club, she left about three with the Whitehill's in their car. I got up for dinner, and was on the sofa, in front of an open fire all evening.

Sun. Feb. 16th

Sunday School and church this morning. Bishop Burch is in town to-day, confirming a class at St. Paul's and also The Good Shepherd. We walked only as far as South Street after church, so didn't see anything of him. Will Walker came in this afternoon, & about five Eric came in. Eric was here to supper, & we all