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planned to go over to church to-night to hear Mr. Loop(?) preach. Just as we started over there was an alarm of fire from Grand & Second St. box, so of course, as we were a little early for church, we ran to the fire. It was down on Second Street opposite the Post Office, and created quite an excitement, but the fire didn't amount to much. The last bell was tolling as we reached church. We heard a perfectly wonderful sermon by Mr. Loop(?), but he certainly called a spade, a spade. However it was very true & very powerful.

Mon. Feb. 17th

We are all so upset this morning that we don't know what to do. When Austin got to the barn this morning he found (?) in her stall, her box stall door all smashed down, & the poor horse in awful agony. Austin rushed in for Father, & before he had his breakfast, he went out, & worked over the horse for about an hour. She is in a very dangerous condition, and her case is very grave. Austin, Father, & two other men worked over her all morning but very little relief came to (?)