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I couldn't get the poor animal out of my mind all day. We had to go up to Miss Martin's this afternoon to cut out flannel night gowns for the red cross society, & were there until church time. When we came home from church Father told us that (?) was dead. She died about four o'clock this afternoon, and the hard part was, that she suffered so, even up to the last, although Father gave her dose after dose of morphine to ease her suffering. Her death broke me up all, for I was simply devoted to her, & we never can fill her place. We have had her ever since she was four years old, & a more faithful animal never lived. We are all heart-broken over her death.

Tues. Feb. 18th

Edith and I went to Cousin Helen's this morning for a few minutes, then later we went up to see Rhuta(?) & Mrs. Chadwick. They start South on Saturday, so we felt it was up to us to call before they left. Had a very nice call, & I'm glad it is done. Helen & Justine stopped for us to go over to Current Events this afternoon