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We took a short walk afterwards, & then went to church at 5. Edith went over to the G. F. S. to-night, & Eric came over to see me. Mr. Burnett walked home with Edith, and came in for a few minutes. He said he'd  "come in just to say good-evening to your sister," but I think he really wanted to see if Eric were here, & he found him. Not much escapes Mr. Burnett.

Wed. Feb. 19th

Edith started out very early this morning to hunt up some of the G. F. S. girls who were to be in the play, & she arrived at Justine's about exhausted. This morning some of us, Helen, Justine, Eleanor, Marge, Frances, E & I, started a reading class, to meet every Wednesday morning, & we started to read Schopenhauer to-day. His essay on "Women" was too funny for words, & we were simply (?). He certainly had no use for our sex. I think the class will be most inter-esting & very instructive. I was busy early this afternoon finishing a prize for this afternoon, a small work box made out of ribbon. Cousin Helen, Cousin Dixie, and Mrs. Ellis came down this afternoon for a game, & E and I cut in during the ribbons. Had tea about quarter