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of five, and Mrs. Ellis won the work box. To-night our bridge club met at the Vanarnee's(?). Ida and Henry Jova substituted, also Frances and Charley. Henry Jova and I played together & we certainly did plunge(?) several times. He plays a very remarkable game anyway. The refreshments were lovely, but such a combination; some kind of egg, peppers etc., on track, with all kinds of fancy sandwiches, then mince pie, coffee, & cheese. Why we weren't all ill is more than I know, but we survived.

Thurs. Feb. 20th

Edith & I went down town this morning and this afternoon, directly after lunch, we made sandwiches, as our bridge club met here. It was a most exciting afternoon for we gave the prizes this afternoon, $5 for 1st, and $3 for second. Edith had been ahead for quite a while, and fortunately her luck continued, and she won first. Olive and Frances were runninga close race for second and Frances won by a very few points. Father was in N.Y. today and didn't get home until (?). Home all evening.