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Fri. Feb. 21st

I went out to do the marketing this morning, as Edith was very busy. This afternoon we went up to the church of the Good Shepherd, to an Association meeting of the G. F. Miss Wells made the address, and she was most interesting. After the meeting Miss Martin, Eleanor, Edith and I walked home together, & Eleanor stopped in our house for a few minutes, and then we went up with her to her house, for a cup of tea. While we were having tea, Talcott came in, & later Mr. Gott. He was awfully nice, and we had such a good time. To-night Edith and I went to church to hear Mr. Charley, and as usual, he was perfectly splendid. After service we waited to speak to him, and invited him & Mr. Burnett to come around, as Father was anxious to see Mr. Charley. Mr. Sloak(?) and Mr. Washburn detained there in the study until about nine, but finally they came around, and Will Bechnap(?) & Walter also came in. I never heard such a line of stories as Mr. Burnett tells, all good ones too, & he tells them wonderfully. He is certainly a