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Fri. Feb. 28th

Down town this morning. This afternoon at three, we went in to see Cousin Helen, who is sick in bed again. Then we went up to see old Mrs. Ward, and had a very nice call with her. They are wonderfully situated in their new rooms, & have a most beautiful river view. From there, we went to Frances' for tea, and found Eleanor and Mrs. Joe(?) both there. To-night E & I went to church and heard Mr. Royce preach, and I really think the man is a little off centre. The choir were almost convulsed during the sermon, and so were we for that matter.

Sat. Mar. 1st

Our cook has been home for almost a week, and consequently E & I have been more than busy. While E went out to do the marketing, I was busy in the kitchen. This afternoon I had the pleasant occupation of going up to inform Frances that we couldn't take her back. I had to tell her when she was ill, but I paid her a full week's wages, & she hadn't been but half a day, so I didn't feel quite so mean. I am perfectly confident that her cooking has given us all indigestion, & I'm so thankful she isn't coming back.