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Went in to see Cousin Helen for a little while about three, and then Dot, Edith & I went to a cake sale up at the Nurses Home. Later E & I went up to Eleanor's, & we three went on up to Cornelia's for a game of bridge. Got home about quarter after six, & Edith phoned to Eric to come to dinner. Will Wakler came in in the evening, and we played bridge.

Sun. Mar. 2nd

Sunday School and church this morning. Helen, E & I took a walk afterwards and were caught in quite a severe snow storm, but it melted just as soon as it fell and by afternoon was clear again. Edith and Father and Duke went out for a walk about three, and when they came back, Eric arrived, & he and I went for a walk. Eric stayed for supper, & in the evening we three went to church, and afterwards we had some music.

Mon. Mar. 3rd

We went down town this a. m. & also in to see Cousin Helen. Sewed after lunch until about four, then we went up to see Aunt Evelina & Aunt Jean, & at five went to church. Short walk after church, and home all evening.