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In spite of our difficulties in pulling off this party, we both feel that it was a success, which is always comforting. Everyone seemed to enjoy the refreshments, and Mr. Morse was especially carried away with the salad.

Thurs. Mar. 6th

To-day Father celebrates his 58th birthday, and we were all asked down to New York. E & I went down on the 8:06, having numerous things to do. Maltby(?), Frances, & Ed Becknap also were on the ferry, & while we were waiting for our train at Fiskhill(?), it began to snow quite hard, & kept up, half way to N.Y. Ed went down as far as Pukskill(?), & kept us laughing all the time he was in the train. E & I shopped all morning, and at noon, met Aune Melie at the Waldorf. She was all prepared for rain, but of course, not a drop came. We met Beatrice & K. at the Waldorf and had quite a talk with them. Aunt Melie, E & I went to see "Years of Discretion" this afternoon & thought it awfully good. We had a couple of errands to do after the theatre, & then went up to the Dupos(?) about six. Soon after we arrived, Father came, but without Aunt Evelina and Aunt Jean. They