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were all to come down for the dinner party, but this morning Aunt Evelina had a bad cold, & being such a bad day, she didn't dare risk the trip. This was a great disappointment, but couldn't be helped. Uncle Dan soon arrived, & then Aunt Jeannie telephoned for Mr. & Mrs. Henry to come over & fill Aunt Evelina's & Aunt Jean's places. We couldn't have had a better time. The dinner was perfect, ending with a wonderful birthday cake, with a big pink candy bow on top, & candy sweet peas, & inside a ring, which Margaret got, a ten cent piece which E got, and I think Aunt Melie got the thimble. Margaret had composed a wonderful poem for the occassion [sic], an alphabet, which was extremely clever, and made a lot of fun. The evening passed all too quickly, and as Aunt E & Aunt J. hadn't come, the family insisted that one of us stay all night. Edith insisted that I should stay but I really felt awfully mean doing it. She & Father took the 10:15 home & I imagine, arrived in Newburgh about one a. m.