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Fri. Mar. 7th

This morning the family simply insisted that I couldn't go home until this afternoon, and even though I insisted that Edith would expect me, they wouldn't hear of it. So I stayed, and Margaret & I went shopping this morning, and had a fine appetite for a delicious luncheon. I came up on the 3:24, and as I supposed, E had been expecting me all day. Took a short walk before dinner and in the evening, went to church, & heard Mr. Lowe(?) from Walden.

Sat. Mar. 8th

Edith and I hustled around and cleaned the entire house, then I went down in the kitchen to make cake, & Edith went out with Cornelia to do their marketing. Helen came down early this afternoon, and about four, Edith and I walked up to the club, but found it pretty slow, so walked home. Fixed the flowers at the church before dinner. To-night Father, E & I went to the vaudeville at the Academy.

Sun. Mar. 9th

Sunday School and church this morning. E & I joined Olive after service, and went in to see her for a while. Edith and Father took