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Duke for a short walk after dinner then later Edith and I walked up to Beech(?) Avenue. Edith went in to see Cousin Helen before supper, and came home awfully upset about her condition. I guess Cousin Helen has about decided upon an operation, and very soon too. I can't keep being anxious for her, as she is in such a weak condition. To-night Father & I went down to Union Church to hear Dr. McClelland, and although he preached a very good sermon, it was at least fifty minutes long, I was so lost during the whole service, I thought I'd burst. Then too, I felt a cold coming on, & so I was mighty glad to get out. Found Wilkin(?) here when we returned, and Eric also came in about 9:30 for a few minutes.

Mon. Mar. 10th

This morning a new cook arrived and I hope she proves a success. Edith & I went in to see Cousin Helen this morning, and she goes to the Hospital this afternoon, and will be operated upon to-morrow morning. Oh, how I wish it was over! She is just as plucky as can be, but her nerves are all unstrung. I know just how she feels. Went down town