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late this morning. After Cousin Helen went to the hospital this afternoon I went in to see if I could do anything for them, but there wasn't anything to do. Frances came down to our house later, and we three went to church at five.

Tues. Mar. 11th

About eleven o'clock this morning, Miss. Gussie telephoned that the operation was over, and Cousin Helen was doing very well. Such a relief! I don't know when I have been more anxious about a person except in my own family. This afternoon early, Frida Lufhait(?) came to call, & she stayed & stayed until finally we had to excuse ourselves and start for Evelyn's bridge party at the club. As it was, we had to call a taxi and just got up there in time. There were about eight tables, and we had loads of fun, and I won at our table. We all walked home, as we just missed a car. Edith went to the G. F. S. to-night, but I went with Olive & Mrs. Langridge, to a Suffrage meeting at the Court House. Harriet May Miller(?) was the speaker, but I must say, she was not at all convincing to me, although I think I am in favor of suffrage. But, had I been on the fence, she