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would never convince me with her arguments. There was a very good attendance, and quite a number of men.

Wed. Mar. 12th

Edith went out to do her marketing, also to see Ethel McCann, whose mother is very ill with pneumonia. We stopped for Justine and Helen about half past ten, and went up to Frances for our reading class. This afternoon we went to a missionary meeting at our church. One of the speakers, a young girl, was the daughter of an old friend of Mr. Burnett's, and we were introduced to her, and she was most attractive. The meeting was over about four and then we took a short walk before church, and a little one with Dot after service. Will & Dot came to dinner to-night, and such a happy pair I never saw, since Cousin Helen's successful operation. Eric came in for a while after dinner, & we had a game of Rum(?) with Dot.

Thurs. Mar. 13th

Down town this morning. Edith went up to Frances to hustle, and this afternoon we all went up to Cornelia's for our bridge club this afternoon. To-night Mr. Morse invited Edith, Eric and me to go