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to see "Bought and Paid For." We had seen it in New York last Fall with Richmond in the leading role, and although we thought it a wonderful play, I was sorry to see it again on account of it's not being the original cast. However it was a very good troupe, and we enjoyed it, but I didn't like to see a thing given in Newburgh, after a performance in New York. Mr. Morse & Eric came in after the play, & we had "tea punch" and crackers & cheese.

Fri. Mar. 14th

Edith and I were busy all a. m. then E went over to see Ethel McCann whose mother died last night, and then went down to meet Evelina & Margaret. It was raining, so they all came up in a cab. I had just finished giving Duke a bath when they arrived. This afternoon Mildred Odell, Cornelia, Frances, & Olive came down with their work, & we had tea. Edith had to go over to the church to-night for a rehearsal, & Mr. Morse and Eric came down for a game of bridge. I sat out while they played, but finally I took Evelina's place, for the last rubles(?). Edith got home about ten, and later we had tea punch and cake & crackers.