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She has a lovely voice. Which we never [h...e] a impossible [i....] [c....] came up, and her voice came down in church . When he [c.....] [w...] [?], we found voice [Buc....] down stairs with rain [crate?] found [u........] from gel. Fortunately, the [?] was [?] over, we didn't [g..] [w..]. 

Sat. June 20th 
Early this morning we were [w...] than [fancy?] [?] at 10:30  who should [?] in [back] [Francine]  and Charlene [?] [of] [her] [came] [hi....]. I was [?] [?] as he generously arrive there. Francine wasn't very long and he [wa..] of the [m........] we found vacation left off from last Christmas. [?] after lunch we drove to [?] the [saint?] combination, [W.......] and I against Charlene and Edith, and [?] by [numbers] points. We had to [?] [?] or Edith would drown in the [?] to [?] Sidney. Soon after he arrived we all started off for the [?], and [W......] and Edith played [T.....]. It was quite gay at the [?] this afternoon, and Sidney seemed very much [infatuated?] with