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She has a lovely voice. While we were there a terrible thunder storm came up, and the rain came down in sheets. When the concert was over, we found nice [Buc....] down stairs with rain coats and umbrellas for all. Fortunately, the rain was almost over, so we didn't get wet. 

Sat. June 20th 
Early this morning we were more than [fancy?] and at 10:30 who should [?] in but Frances  and Charley, both at the same time. I was rather expecting Charley at that time, as he generally arrives then. Frances wasn't here very long and the rest of the morning we spent picking up the [?] of [?] left off from last Christmas. Directly after lunch we sat down to bridge, the same combination, Margaret and I against Charley and Edith, and wonder of wonders!, we beat them by [numbers] points. We had to stop then, as Edith went down in the machine to meet Sidney. Soon after he arrived we all started off for the club, and Margaret and Edith played tennis. It was quite gay at the club this afternoon, and Sidney seemed very much [infatuated?] with