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[P......] and the [?] country. Will [?] came to [?] and at 8:10, we all went out to brunch [?]. [Molly?] and Frances also came down and joined us and I [drink?] [think?] [???] over enjoyed our evening more. There from [P......] then [Joane], [Edith] and [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] Edith [?] the [?] and [?] of [o....]. The music was dandy, and it was [just?] [?] [?] to enjoy dancing. I [?] the middle of the evening, [performance] gave an [ex........] and any number of [P...........] could have [chosen] there a [t..] differ. We danced until after the [?] there we [?] to the care, in order to get a [s...] before the [g....] came, and if [p.....] a foxy [......]. Richard [h....] quick after twelve. 

Sun. June 21st 
I went to Sunday School at 9:30, abnd to my amazement, Margaret, Edith, Sidney and Charlene all [waited] in church. [?] [?] was [?] jammed, much to [?] [Bu.....]'s amusement. He [?] Charlene to come in with theme, [?] Charlene said he [?] [?] she [?]. After church we walked up to Francine and [?] and the baby [after] [?] we [?]