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First Days and William and Mary

Nov. 26, 1918

     Today has been so wonderful that I
must begin my book here and go back
to catch up past events.
     Yesterday evening Florence Harris, our
beloved first student government president
announced her resignation on account of
the fact that she was leaving school
for family reason. I think she has to take
care of her little brothers.
     This evening I was elected president of our
Student Government with a nomination of 
fourteen to four. I certainly appreciate the
honor, probably the greatest I have ever
had. But I dread the responsibility.
     After many controversies and much
worry this summer, I decided to come to
William + Mary, this first year of its coeducation.
I do not now regret my choice.
     I arrived here on Sept. 19, and came
up in an automobile with Ruth [Conhey],
and Celeste Ross. After several days we
got straight and had classes one day