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before we were quarrentined for Spanish
influyenza. This was a good thing for us.
None of the girls ad it so we used our time
in getting well acquainted. We had met
more of the boys and the quarrentine
served to make them want to meet us.
     One evening we had a match game of
basket ball to cheer Miss [Gatline] and incedent-
ally ourselves. Celeste and Florence were 
the captains. I played jumping center by
boys' rules against Louise Reid and shot
the first and only goal thus winning
the game for our side. This started my 
basket ball "rep" here and Lordy hope
I can keep it at its present [glow].
     Soon after the quarrentine the Lieuten-
ants and a few [nou coms] came over one
night. This started our social hour. Since
then the boys came over every night after
supper until call to [quarters] or our last and
Sunday until 10:00. I have met some very
nice boys but don't enjoy it so much because