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dancing has been the chief amusement.
One event, that has amused me very
much and annoyed me at the time, was the
water throwing affair. Mr. Simmons, Mr. Elliott,
and Mr. Lyons are seniors[?] here. They decided
to calm some Ducks who were singing
under their windows so threw out a bag
of water. The bag hit the fire escape
and drenched the all important
Capt. Van Dusen and Lieutenant Taylor.
They were furiously angry and stirred
up quite a commotion over it. A few
days later the whole S.A.J.C. lined up
and marched Lyons and Simmons
to the depot to slip[?] them. Dr. Clarks,
Prof Keetle[?], and others succeeded in
making Capt. Van Duren have them
brought back. The girls were very
indignant over this affair especially
On Hallowe'en night we had
quite an enjoyable party. I made