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Lest we forget the first
box of candy I received
at W&M. From Lewis or[?]
that memorable Sunday Nov. 3, 1918
where I intertained a Sailor and
a Soldier. Shall I ever forget the
stares Lewis and I got from the
S.A.J.C's.? No, never.
[image: white card with the name "Miss Evelyn Virginia Palmer"] In memory of
my first room
mate at college.
Up to this time my
last [punctuation?] except
for Janet are
special occasion[?]
and my beloved "Pal" sometimes.
We had lots of fun in basket
ball games. The Orange and Black
fought many "peppy" battles. The
Orange won two out of the three
championship games, also the
last one before X-mas. Keep the good
work up Orange!