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From Carroll Reeves, Thursday
Feb. 6, 1919.

This was our first night out
together. We went to the
last show and didn't
get in until 10:40. But
I had Miss [Guppies'] per-
mit and Celeste was surprising when
I came up. I enjoyed the evening
very much and the box of candy
he handed me as he left was
some good and oh! so fancy.
     On Saturday night, Feb. 8 we
saw the first celebration of a W & M
victory. The news came of a victory
over R. C. The [...] started [telling]
and the campus simply went
wild. With Capt. [Oglesby's] help
we made a bonfire, but the
boys soon got a larger one

down at the end of Duke of

Glouster Street, so we went over

and joined them. They had