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a [p..., could be fine] parade. The [D...] with shirt

tails out were bringing wood for

the fire dancing jiggs, singing

and making speeches. Rieves was

the song and cheer leader. The

boys will do anything he starts.

He was very gentlemanly and nice to

us. Capt. [Oglesby] enjoyed some

of our chocolate fudge very much.

      Tuesday, Feb. 22 I went to the

movies again with Rieves. His

throat was so raw from leading

the rally for the game Wed.

night with hampton Sidney

that he could hardly talk

but we had a fine time, and he

is certainly a proper gentleman.

We went to [Stones] after the movie and

had some ice cream. He [tacked]

another box under his arm[s?]

as he went out and oh! it was grand

but he couldn't help me eat it

because of his throat, and didn't