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to play the entire game but

almost "fell out" before it ended. The

Blacks won 6 to 5: They have to win

once to keep them playing so

I don't mind. The boys [beat?] R.C.

by one point too. We had [g...]

a time celebrating. Rives [bossed? tossed?]

a crowd of [D...] while they hauled

the boxes adnd crates out of Miss

[Gupper's?] cellary for the bonfire. We

danced and rested until the

boys came back from the

show. They helped themselves

to at eleven o'clock. They had

the fire at the corner of our [lower?]

[shrine?] They couldn't have it at

the head of D of G. Street, and nearly

set the lady [accent?] houses on fire.

Rieves came over afterwards for

the candy I saved him.

     Sunday evening [Rosy?] came

up against my. but he is loving

to me now that the novelty has