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worn off. I don't think I had[?]

allow him to come again. He

staid until the supper bell rang.

I went to supper without even

combing my hair. Rieves and

Ferguson joined pal and I coming

home from supper. We occupied

the sofa and had quite a time but

my hair did slip so!! The girls

have certainly tried to tease me

since. Louise said it was a case

of "Believe me of all those endearing

young charms," and "[prink?] to me only

with thine eyes," also that she never

envied any one more than she

did me that night. Fancy, but it

doesn't appeal to me like it does to them.

     Thursday, Feb. 20. I had an engagement

with Rieves to go to the movies, but we

couldn't go until the second show

so decided to stay on the sofa and

chat. Oh! you chat[s?]. Miss [Lupper? Tupper? Gupper?]

came in with the news that I