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might ask Rieves to take me to Janet's

turning out party. I did and he agreed

to take me.

     Feb. 23. Up with the [kines?] at last!

Last night we went to Janet's party.

I had a splendid time. I borrowed

Edna Reid's pink evening dress and

bought myself [souce?] high heeled

black pumps. Guess I was dressed

up once in my life. Margaret,

Ruth, and I were the only Hall

girls. The other girls were Lucile

Brown, Elizabeth Lee, and [h...] [m...].

The boys were "Smithy", [W...], Rieves,

Turrell, Edward [Ler], "Pite" James, Berl

Loraine Bennet, Tom Peyton, [F...]

and "Rat" Parish.

     We danced most of the time.

Rieves didn't dance so I sat out a

few and [fretted?] over his [prescence?]

for several others. This was my

first attempt to dance in

public, [h...] some of it was