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Diary - started in



Sunday Sept. 6, 1914.

Jessie & Joe went to Early church

Mr. & Mrs. L. went to late. No company

here for dinner. I went up

to Graces place no one

was there except us. played

some on Piano. Came back

Just as my people were finish

ing supper & Jessie insisted on 

my eating in dining room

which I did:


Mon. Sept 7, 1914

I got up and started a fire

in wash house to heat water

for Mrs. Doyle to wash with

nice cool foggy morning. 


Tuesday Sept. 8

Mr. & Mrs. Lundley, Jessie Eileen

& Marie Kemma went to Los A.

in Auto - gone all day: Joe

took his lunch Miss Barber

& Donnie all that were here for dinner


Wed. Sept 9.

did general work had a little