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extra for dinner two Sisters of

Mercy were here from Los Angeles

they came to take an old lady

back with them to their home who

lived here in Ontario. 

Thurs. Sept. 10, 

Cleaned Joes room also Donnie.

& the sleeping porches in A.M.

I washed out dish towels in

A.M. Grace came down

while I was washing - after I 

got thru came up to my room

to get ready to go down town. 

stopped at Dr. Shepards for more

medicine went to Busha's Studio

to get our photos pictures taken. Mr & Mrs

Ripple were here to get figs. 

Fri. Sept 11, 

made Donnie's birth day cake

before I washed breakfast dishes

baked apple pie for dinner.

mopped up in Kitchen got

dinner all on table & came

up & changed my dress