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so I would be ready to go down 3

town this P.M. stopped at

Bushas to get [proug?] y lobster

they were not good y me but

Grace was fine [sin?]one view.

Got 5 cts worth of Lettuce for salad

this eve. went to get my [sleves?] but

were not ready yet. came home

helped Jessie fix the table

put some macaroni on to

boil set table, pealed potatoes,

Mrs. Ripple made muffins

and creamed macaroni. I 

made salad & mashed potatoes

Phone to Grace this P.M.

Bessie phone & asked me to

go down from this eve with

her (which I did) she came

before I had finished supper

dishes so she wiped them for

me & then went down town

took in the Theatre (Euclid)

enjoyed it very much

Mr & Mrs C. H. Ripple Mrs [Bethe?]

Ripple & Marie K. here for