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Sat. Sept. 12,

did usual work this A.M.,

Bessie came by in P.M.

to have me go to the [cars?]

with her [tas?] she was going

to [Pomona?]. did not have

dinner dishes washed so 

could not go altho I promise

her I would, helped Mrs.

Lindley wipe dust off Oranges

& Grape fruit that she is

going to take up to her daughter

in Portland. 

Sun. Sept. 13, 1914

got up at 5:30 this morning

had bkfst all ready but all of

the folks went to church before

breakfast altho I had it ready

Joe ate the for he had to go and

irrigate he did not go to church

made 2 apple pies for dinner

had lovely biscuits. Mrs

Ripple made Salad they were

here for dinner. In P.M.

Grace came & she & I went