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6 Los Angeles on 8:50 train

Mrs L. went later to see them

and be with them a while before

they left the City for Portland

that evening. Cecelia phoned

out to Eileen & invited her

in to spend the night with

her she left on one of the

afternoon trains. she

called me up from the

Dept to tell me Good By

said she looked for me but

could not find me before

she started & being in

a hurry too did not take

the time to look around

to see where I was. I was

out in was house scrubbing

out some things. ironed my

white dress & went down to see

proofs of our pictures had 1 doz

of the best finished. also went

by to get shirts that were left

to be mended

Tues. Sept 15,

Got up at usual time &