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had breakfast fixed lunch

for Joe. did general work 7

mixed bread etc: this a.m.

got dinner for Mr. L. & Donnie

and baked bread. this after

noon I wrote a long letter to

mamma, mopped up in

Kitchen & Grace came

down & stayed quite a while

she suspected Mrs. Webber

of going to get another girl &

let her go for she did not

give her this months wages

when they were due. I told

her to ask & find out of it

was certain which she did,

& it was as she suspected.

she did not five any reasons

Bessie phoned & wanted me

to go with her to P.A. this eve.

I was very glad to go for I had

letters to mail also: we enjoyed

the walk so much I went & 

sat in their hammock awhile

came home & washed the dishes

Eileen came back from Los Angeles on

6:50 train Mr. L. met her in [Auton?]