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8 Wed. Sept. 16,

Got up at 5:30 this morn. fixed

lunch for Joe, built a fire &

got breakfast all on table then

went & did my ironing. went down

town and got my pictures at

Bushas, Cashed my check,

went to [Ostrans?] & bot me a 

skirt & white waist, and a

box of stationary for Clara.

Bessie & I went [to?] show this

[event?] was good but Besse

did not enjoy it as well as she

might on acct of having a bad


phoned to Graced this P.M. She

seems awfully discouraged about

her place. Mr. L. Joe & Eileen

went to mr. Frankishes for [Supps?]

Donnie only one here to get supper [Pies?]

Write a letter to Mabel. 


Thurs Sept. 17

Just did gen'l work this a.m.

washed out a few things

in P.M. came up to my room,