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10 was not necessary for

her to do it I could have

taken the money that we

did have & let her go on home

for it was late but did not

think of anything at the time

sent pkg. to Clara (stationary etc)

& a letter to Mabel. Bessie

phoned to me read a lettr from

Alvin. wrote a letter to a L.H.

this eve. 


Fri Sept. 18,

had breakfast at 6:30 this morn.

made 2 apple pies, Grace phoned

& said Webbers had gone to hospital

to be present when their Aunt was

operated on so she was alone

cleaned out trunk & Bath room

upstairs this P.M. Mr. L. asked

me if I wanted to write to Mrs. L.

along while she was gone & I

told him I would be pleased

to do so & he wrote off her address

& gave to me. 


Sat.Sept. 19

Got up at 5:50 breakfast at