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6:20, phoned to Smiths for groceries


to meat market for meat. and to 

gas company to have them send

some one down & fix the gas

range so there would be some

pressure in it he came & fixed

it & works O.K. now made a

cake fried two chickens. took a

[friar of mick?] over to Miss Barker

& did gen'l housework this a.m.

phoned to Grace this P.M.

Bessie called me over the phone

& asked about going down town

we decided to go & after I got

my work done I went to Besses

place & Ardens had not come

home yet for their supper

& they didn't come either

until to late to go to town so

I just stayed & helped B.

with dishes Donnie had

[enter?] his supper so I cleaned

what dishes he left off of the table

now 10 oclock


Sun Sept. 20

Mrs & Mrs. Ripple Joe, & Mr. Lindly