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and Eileen went to Church & took

[fae?] of Charlie. came home & went to Beach

Mrs. C.W. Ripple & Mrs. Bethe Ripple are going to

spend a week at Long Beach. Mr. R will

stay here until they return. Grace spent

P.M. with me. Besse talked to me over phone

like she would come over this eve. but did not

come on account of not feeling well. 

moved things around in my room again

like it better than ever so does Grace. 


Mon. Sept 21, 1914

Got up at 5:30 put brkfst all on table & 

went out & built fire in wash house also

put was water on to heat. Miss Barber

brot over 2 boxes apples - Joe picked figs for

Jam & pickels. Besse called me this P.M.

we went to P.O. this eve to mail some letters, 

Grace also phoned: Bro. Hendrick called

on me this P.M. I was pareing figs for 

Jam when he came. went into a 

drug store tonight & Besse bot a little book. 


Tues Sept. 22

got up at usual time did gen'l work

mixed bread, cooked fig jam and baked

8 loaves bread & fancy biscuits this a.m.

phoned to Grace & Besse this P.M. put

Jam in Jar, baked cup cakes, emptied