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garbage pail to chickens etc. Besse came

over for few min before supper I went 13

over there after supper & stayed a while

Miss Barber ironed clothes today she brot

me some roses. Eileen brot me a card

from Mrs. Lindley


Wed. Sept. 23. 

Miss Barber came over & made fig

pickles & mended some got thru at noon.

Besse phones & told me to ask Mr. Lindley

if he woudn't sign an application

and for me from the Library so I could

have the privledge of borrowing books

there from I asked him & he was very

willing to do so. we went to Lib. at 3:30 to get

appl cards came home got them signed

& went back after supper & got our books

Mr. Arden signed for Besse. need letter

from Aunt J. saying she would be here

Thurs. about 1:30 P.M. "Are the Trail of 

the Lonesome Pine" book I got at Lib. 


Thursday, Sept. 24, 

up at 5:30 got brkfst on table & then

went out & sprayed off the cot that the

Arab brot back washed off back steps

& built a fire while the men at their

breakfast did some dusting &