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Cleaning in A.M. Aunt Julia

was delayed so did not get here until

about 3:15. Grace came at 2 oclock. 

Bessie came over later & stayed until 5 oclock

Grace went at that time too Aunt J left at

5:40. Grace, Bessie & I went to Band

concert at Upland tonight, it was fine

Grace got off at J. coming home & we came

in to A. read letter from A.A. & card from Jessie. 


Fri. Sept. 25, 1914,

got up at usual time, did gen'l work

made 2 apple pies, baked a cake A.M.

went up to Graces place this P.M. she was

alone she looked so tired. I took up her 

girdle, skirt, & a letter from Clara for her

to read started home at 5 ocklock stopped

at P.O. to mail cards to Jessie to Mrs. L. 

Eileen told me that Bessie called me

while I was gone & for me to please call

her which I did went over a while this eve.


Sat. Sept. 26,

did my usual work, Marie [Kenna?]

& another girl here this P.M. wrote

letters to Clara, Mrs Luckey & Agnes

mailed them as I and Besse went by

on our way to Library read card from Clara

telling me she recd pkg O.K. [was?] very much pleased