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16 Tues. Sept. 29,

did gen'l work baked 2 apple pies &

cooked pan of Apple Sauce Grace

came down this P.M. Bessie

phoned & said she would come by

this eve for me to go to the P.O. with

her to mail some letters (which she

did) came back & Ardens with her & 

stayed until they got home (Ardens),


Wed. Sept, 20,

Did genl work made cookies read

some in my book (on trail of lonesome pine)

Grace phoned to me & I phoned to Bessie

Cleaned off front porch went down

town in A.M. got stockings & union

suits no letters


Thursday Oct 1, 

did genl work washed out several

things of mine in a.m. Donnie &

Joe went to Los A. with Ardens Joe

remaining there all night. Bessie phoned

& asked me if I didn't want to go to Library

with her & exchange our books so we

went. Grace had intended to come

& spend P.M. with me but I phoned