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and asked her if she wouldnt

rather wait until this eve. as long as 17

I wasn't going to be at home so she

wanted to wait & she got supper early

& left the folks eating got here about

6 Oclock & after I got my supper on

the table & [try?] [my?] folks had eaten

supper we Cleared table off & Grace

Bessie & I all went up to the Band

Concert at Upland. also took in

shore there Bessie payed our way into

[""?] 11 Oclock when we got home Grace

got off cars at J St. Bessie & I came

onto A. I phoned to Grace as soon

as I got home to see if she got

home O.K. she was washing the

supper dishes Besse & I did not 

wash ours. bot myself a [belt? felt?] [pin?]

& Bessie bot some neckwear. read

letters from Aunt J. & Alvin

to day let Grace read theirs when

she came this eve. she bot me

this little book I thot is Just Excellenet

for a "diary" it was a birth day present. 


Friday Oct. 2, 

a very dreary day: read letter from

mama & she sent a lovely postal & a