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20 started for Whittiers at 3:25

I went over to Bessies place to night

she gave me a birth day present

a picture & frame: wrote a letter to

Grace this eve: now 10:25 Oclock


Tues. Oct. 6, 1914

Gen'l work done Miss Barber

came over & did ironing. Mr. Lindley

had me phone to Mrs. Ripple to See

when she would be here so

he could take her downtown

to vote said between 2 and 2:30:

Cleaned Gas Range this P.M.

Bessie & I went to Euclid Theatre this eve

saw woman hypnotize several boys

Kenneth Lampkin brot home the

dollar that he took yesterday morning

Mr. L. came with him & said he whipped

him all the way over! mailed letter to

Grace & forwarded one: 


Wed. Oct. 7, 1914

got up at usual time did work 

[b ironed?] recd. cards & letter from

Grace this A.M. & a letter from

Mabel this P.M. Bessie & I went

down town tried on several