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22 Sat. Oct. 10, 1914

baked cake, scrubbed in bath-room,

& kitchen, wiped down back stairs, 

washed out dish towels & things for

myself, went down town & 

mailed pkg. to folks. went again

after supper with Besse stood on

St. a while listening to dry cam-

paigners lecture, sing. and

showed pictures on canvass;

Sun. Oct. 11, 1914

Joe, Mr. L. & Eileen went to their

respective churches, Ripples left

Charlie here after they all came

home from church they got

ready to go out for a day picnic

I fixed their lunch. Jesse helped

me make [laudurches?] last

night after we came home from

town. B&I went to S.S. this morn

& staid until after communion.

B phoned over & said Ardens were

going to Azusa & she was going

as far as her place with them

and asked me to go along also