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24 I went every night

and in the P.M. most of

the time: we certainly did

enjoy every moment spent

there rode on Ferris Wheel, 

Merry-go-round, Ocean, 

wave, took A trip to Mars, 

saw the little lady Called

Elizabeth went thru Ish-ka-

[bible?], saw snakes etc: 

Allens gave Grace com-

plimentary tickets & we went

to Circus nov 14 I think

was the date. Then we

got up one morning

early to watch the 

Los Angeles to Phoenix

racers pass thru Ontario

there were twent of them

the rain was pouring

down too but every one 

had parasols Joe gave

me one & I ran up to

Ardens and found

Besse we had a dandy

time: Besse & I went