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26 a Joke just for mr

selnes - then we

played consequences

& wrote (I would be)

love letter to our Boys

that we thot O.K. & ans:

too I kept mine but

Bessie says she

burnt hers for fear

some one would get 

hold of it.

Bessie & I went to Los Angeles

a few weeks ago to do some

shopping went on Salt Lake

R.R. left at 7:15 in M & got

home at 7:PM. spent a

pleasant day. Eileen Macon

left Ontario about three

weeks ago yesertday (Dec 6. 1914 & 

sailed for England, Nov. 28,

she came out in kitchen to

tell me good by & said she

would write to me when

she got back to England. 

Grace came down

to my place Saturday